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KO1815 BOSCH Type Control Valve Tester

KO1815 BOSCH Type Control Valve Tester

SKU: KO1815



It is ultimately important to thrust the parts before assembling them together when repairing the common rail injectors. Control valve is one of those items that are almost impossible to tell whether it is acceptable or will fail during the Flow Test on the test bench by just looking at the surface condition using magnifier or more developed cameras. KO1815 Control Valve Testing Unit saves time and effort to start repair all over again just because of a misjudgment made at a visual check. It performs a SAFE and reliable test at 8 bar air pressure to make sure that the control valve is completely acceptable before assembling into an injector.


Safe Lock- Air Test System 
Control valve testing requires high pressure with proper clamping to simulate the conditions inside the injector. 6-8 bar pressure is applied for checking the sealing performance.

Maktest Quality Behind Design
Maktest Quality Behind Design Control Valve testing is a tricky procedure and may be quite dangerous, if necessary precautions are not taken. Maktest design makes it perfectly safe to implement the test with even high air pressure level.

Technical Specifications
Pressure Display : 0-10 Bar Valve Leak Indicator : 75 cm3

Required Utilities
Power Supply : 220 VAC 50/60Hz (1ph)
Air Supply : Min. 5 Bar, dry and oil free

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