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KO1816 Bosch Type Control Valve Lapping Tool

KO1816 Bosch Type Control Valve Lapping Tool

SKU: KO1816

Media 1



Control valve lapping is a controversial repair method, not recommended by OEM’s. One of the main reasons is the compensation calculation after the lapping may become very complex and the repair of the injector with the lapped control valve may become almost impossible. Maktest KO4000 Cars system practically recalculates all the critical dimensions after the lapping very successfully and eliminates the risk of failing during the Flow Test. KO1816 Bosch Type Control Valve Lapping Unit is a simple but effective solution for successfully repairing Bosch Type Control Valves.


Correct Lapping Method with Correct Lapping Angle 
Polishing tip with correct angle and simple lapping procedure erases the scratches and polishes the surface with precision.

Self aligning grip provides fast and easy operation.
Unfit Control Value (at the right side) and control grinded Control Valve (at the left side)

Technical Specifications
Motor Speed : 1320 Rpm Motor Power : 90 W

Required Utilities
Power Supply : 220 VAC 50/60Hz (1ph)

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