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SKU: U1000

U1000 is the Cam Box from UTS1004 all makes EUI/EUP Test bench. It is delivered with injector control electronics, to be used with any pump test bench with 7.5 kW and above drive power.


Adjustable Cam Stroke

provides testing being as close to as standard working conditions of the injector. Internal pressure level maintains same as when running on the engine, creating a similar condition like in the engine and allowing the delivery to be compatible to the engine conditions.

Its patented Cam Box design, allows to set the cam stroke without

  • draining oil,
  • removing cam
  • adjusting timing

It only takes turning a knob a few times to set the cam stroke.

Wide Application Range; from Caterpillar to Continental VDO

U1000 has the technical infrastructure to test

  • Caterpillar EUI: 3406E; C15; C10;C11;C12;C13;C18; 3116 MEUI, 3500 MEUI; 3500E.
  • Cummins: Celect N14/M11/M11+; HPI (ISX and QSK); K-STC;
  • Bosch EUI/EUP all types.
  • Delphi: A0; A3; E1; E3; F2P
  • Detroit Diesel: all types.
  • Continental VDO all types.

BIP and NRT Measurement

U1000 is capable to measure the Begining of Injection Period (BIP) and Nozzle Response Time. BIP is the parameter to determine the condition of the Solenoid, Control Valve Spring Tension; whereas, NRT is the parameter to determine the Valve Stroke and Nozzle Spring Tension. Patented structure to measure NRT eliminates all pressure reflections and waves causing false readings.

Easy User Interface with Test Plan Create and Calibrate Function

U1000 user interface provides all the necessary data on the test screen readily availible for the user to decide the condition of the injector. The software allows the use to create different test plans. Software help user to keep the test plan target values calibrated with its automatic calibration feature. New interface software can store the test results, prepare test reports in pdf, excel or html format.

The host test bench is to provide:

10 HP direct drive A.C. or D.C. motor or 15 kW hydraulic drive.

Any type metering system.
110 mm diameter coupling.
High pressure phasing is required for testing Cummings Celect and HPI systems.

Electricity Requirement

100- 240 Vac 1 phase 50/60 Hz Universal Single Phase Power Supply.


Packing Dimensions:

Width: 810 mm

Depth: 620 mm

Height: 1150 mm

Weight: 200 kg


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