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TK1022 Manual Common Rail Injector Tester

TK1022 Manual Common Rail Injector Tester

SKU: TK1022



TK1022 injectester CR Manual is a simple, hand operated test stand for initial testing of the common rail injectors.

It is designed to save time by checking return flow and spray pattern before actually starting a more complete test on TK1026 injectester CRb.

Its simple and ergonomical design helps customers to perform fast and reliable tests on every model of common rail injector. New touch panel display shows the instantenous pressure as a graph on the screen which allows to understand the pressure holding capability of the injector easily.

Multipurpose Test Equipment

TK1022 is created to be a multipurpose testing solution for all types of injectors; both mechanical and Common Rail. It can test 2-spring mechanical injectors with precision. First spring and second spring opening pressures are measured separately at two different settings.


Touch panel display provides language free controls with self- explanatory symbols.

CR injector testing allows the operator to define min and max pressure levels for injection. This unique feature allows testing injection pattern at different pressure levels accurately. Also helps to identify leakage above certain pressure levels.

Common Rail Testing:

  • Flushing,
  • Excessive return flow,
  • Nozzle Condition; blocked or leaking, - Spray pattern,
  • Minimum spray pressure

Mechanical Injectors:

  • Spray pattern,
  • Opening pressure for traditional mechanical injectors,
  • Opening pressure for 2 spring injectors, first and second spring separately.

VOP Measurement

TK1022 allows to observe Valve-Opening-Pressure for CR Injectors with rail pressure limiting options.


Easy user interface allows to change

  • injection duration
  • injection speed
  • Max and Min Rail Pressure Limits

using touch panel.

EUI Injector Opening Pressure Testing

With proper adapters, EUI injectors' Opening Pressure is tested just like a mechanical injector opening pressure

Injector Clamping and Spray Chamber Exhaust Filtering

Injector clamping is simple and easy. Spacious injector spray chamber allows the user to observe spray pattern of both mechanical CR injectors.

Spray fumes are contained within the spray chamber and filtered before sending to exhaust. TK1022 exhaust can be mounted to a air duct to convey the spray fumes outside of the working environment.

TK1022 is not a complete solution for repairing Common Rail Injectors, but it is a part of a total solution. It helps user to identify the injectors with too much return or complete mechanical failure without spending too much time.

TK1022 saves precious time and effort for better purpose.

  • Electrical Requirements 


    100-240 AC 50/60 Hz Universal Single Phase


  • Package Content 


    • Injector Drive Cable Set
    • Power Supply Cable (European Plug)
    • Tester Stand.
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