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TK1026 Injectester CRI is more than a test bench with its fast measurement system and many updated features. The measuring system is even faster and capable to measure high flow injectors 
upto 1000 mm3/stroke. Another new feature is improved temperature control, providing more accuracy
in injector fuel readings.

• Updated information concerning test and repair instructions,
• Latest version control software and drivers,
• User's manuals and troubleshooting guides,
• Repair manuals for repairing various common rail injectors.


New TK1026 Control Software allow users to create their own test plans easily based on templates and injector generations. The software has advanced features to program the drive signal with 11 parameters as to apply exact signal as on the vehicle.


TK1026 All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Stand

Ürün Kodu: TK1026.04
  • Technical Specifications 

    • High Pressure System

      HP Pump Bosch Cp3 or Denso HP3
      HP Pump Motor 4 kW. 1400 rpm @50 Hz; 1800 rpm @60 Hz
      Max Pressure 2200 bar
      Pressure Regulator Bosch
      Rail Volume 28 cm3


      Test Oil Supply System


      Tank 27 L
      LP Supply Pump 4 L/min, max 4 bar
      Heater Element 2kW 
      Cooling System Air Cooled, 4 L/min ?T= - 5 °C between 40- 50 °C
      Filter 5 µ



      HP Sensor Bosch 2200 bar
      Flow Sensor

      Gear Type

      1000 mm3/stroke @ 1000 Injections per minute

      Nozzle Response

      Time (NRT)

      Piezo with Acceleration correction.

      ± 10 µs Accuracy

      Electronics Maktest CR1



      Processor Dual Core 1.86 Ghz or X5 28350 1.44 Ghz
      RAM 2 GB
      HD SSD 64 GB
      Monitor 15" Touch Screen /Wide
      OS W?ndows 10



    • Dimensions 


      Machine Dimensions:

      Width: 930 mm

      Depth: 650 mm

      Height: 1690 mm

      Weight: 270 kg


      Packing Dimensions:

      Width: 1090 mm

      Depth: 860 mm

      Height: 1890 mm

      Weight: 360 kg

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