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TK1029.03 Heavy Duty CR Injector Tester

TK1029.03 Heavy Duty CR Injector Tester

Stok kodu: TK1029.03

TK1029 Heavy Duty Common Rail Injector Test Bench is a test bench for both heavy duty testing and testing heavy duty injectors. 


If you are looking for a test bench to test injectors one after other during long shifts, almost running 24/7; TK1029 is the test bench you should be looking for. The test bench is designed as such to cope with continuous testing, with its better flitration, larger and different design test oil tank, cooling algorithm, motor drive and master pump selection.


In the mean time all of those features helps to accomodate Heavy Duty Injectors such as L'Orange MTU 1163, MTU4000, Cummins QSK and as such for testing.


Measurement Capacity Options:

  • Standard: Measuring system capacity is limited to measuring On-Road Vehicles including Trucks and Work Machines up to 700 HP (400mm3/Str). The precision for measuring upto this level delivery is maximized. 
  • High Flow: Measuring system capacity is designed to measure high fuel deliveries from super Heavy Duty applications like high output generetor sets, marine applications e.g. MTU 4000, MTU1163 etc. Horsepower rating ofr such engines start from 1000HP to 8000 HP.

Measurement Technology Options:

  • PD: Positive Displacement sensor is used as standard. 
  • Coriolis: Mass measurement with high accuracy and precision is obtained in delivery measurement.
  • Introduction Rate: Measuring the flow rate of each injection, helping observe control valve response, dynamic flow characteristics of nozzle. System is capable present oscilloscope views of flow. Extensive reporting is available with custom software development as per customer's specifications. System is recommended for mass reconditioning operation and R&D labs.


Voltage Options:

  • 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz. : TK1029 is designed to run at 360-415 VAC 50/60 Hz. This option includes a Maktest Transformer suitable for TK1029.
  • 360-415 VAC 50/60 Hz. : Standard model.


Code Option:

Currently only Bosch IMA Coding option is avaliable. More options will be included in the near future.

  • No Coding: Standard Model.
  • Bosch IMA Coding: Option provides coding calculator for Bosch Electromagnetic and Piezo injectors, including ISA Classification.


- High Pressure Test Oil Transfer System
- Injector Drive System
- Pressure is controlled digitally between 100 and 2200 bar.
- Control System
- Delivery Measurement
- It can drive electromagnetic injectors as well as piezo injectors. Drive system is capable to inject 3 times per injection cycle.
- Control computer with 15” LCD. Touch Panel runs Windows 10 OS. Special control software operates TK1029.02 with high accuracy.
- Fume Extraction
- Patented filter system extracts the fume and filters it to drain. Powerful extraction capacity prevents fume from escaping out of injector cabinet.
- 0.03 mm3 resolution up to 2000 mm3/stroke fuel delivery.

  • Technical Specifications 



    High Pressure System

    HP Pump Bosch Cp3 or Denso HP3
    HP Pump Motor 4 kW. 1400 rpm @50 Hz; 1800 rpm @60 Hz
    Max Pressure 2200 bar
    Pressure Regulator Bosch
    Rail Volume 28 cm3


    Test Oil Supply System


    Tank 27 L
    LP Supply Pump 4 L/min, max 4 bar
    Heater Element 2kW 
    Cooling System Air Cooled, 4 L/min ?T= - 5 °C between 40- 50 °C
    Filter 5 µ



    HP Sensor Bosch 2200 bar
    Flow Sensor

    Gear Type

    1000 mm3/stroke @ 1000 Injections per minute

    Nozzle Response

    Time (NRT)

    Piezo with Acceleration correction.

    ± 10 µs Accuracy

    Electronics Maktest CR1



    Processor Dual Core 1.86 Ghz or X5 28350 1.44 Ghz
    RAM 2 GB
    HD SSD 64 GB
    Monitor 15" Touch Screen /Wide
    OS W?ndows 10



  • Dimensions 


    Machine Dimensions:

    Width: 930 mm

    Depth: 650 mm

    Height: 1690 mm

    Weight: 270 kg


    Packing Dimensions:

    Width: 1090 mm

    Depth: 860 mm

    Height: 1890 mm

    Weight: 360 kg


  • Electrical Requirements 


    360-415 Vac 3 phase 50/60 hz.

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